Air pollution since Covid-19

The Clean Up:

Since Boris Johnson announced lockdown measures on March 23rd, data has indicated a significant drop in air pollutants across major cities in the UK. Data collected has shown a decline in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution by a third to a half in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff and drops of 10-20% in other cities.

This drop in NO2 pollution has resulted in cleaner and healthier air. NO2 is one of the pollutants that has a negative effect on public health as well as the environment, so this drop is great news! Breathing cleaner air is not only better for us during the pandemic, but for the world after as well.

Hang Up Your Keys:

Though the data is still in the early stages of analysis, it is abundantly clear that there’s been a significant fall in air pollution and it’s directly linked to the transport industry being halted. There are no longer cars clogging roads during commuting hours, and holiday flights have been cancelled meaning air traffic is down. It’s been reported in the past that road and air traffic have a huge impact on our global carbon footprint and the data we’re seeing is indicating that there’s something we can do in the future to protect our planet.

Go Electric!

It’s known that NO2 is produced by diesel engine cars, but we have other more environmentally friendly options for your company fleet. Turning your fleet into an electric vehicle fleet means you’ll be joining the eco-friendly force.

A poll conducted by Venson Automotive Solutions found that a huge 45% of UK drivers have considered switching to EV in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. 17% of them said their interest in EV has been reinforced by the new scientific data showing cleaner air, and that it has drawn their attention to the positive impact of driving and EV on the environment. Even better, 26% confirmed that they plan to turn EV within the next 5 years!

More importantly 62% of those who took the survey called for the government to better support EV schemes by offering more funding to EV charging infrastructure. A further 38% would like the government to support more Clean Air Zones within cities and introduce new legislation that encourages businesses to move fully electric in the next 5 years.

In keeping with providing more Clean Air Zones, in Manchester City centre there are ongoing discussions about pedestrianising particular roads in the centre – post lockdown. So we’re all getting more serious about looking after the environment a little bit better. So don’t let it all return back to completely normal, join in and go electric with your fleet. Together we can all do our bit for the environment, and for each other.