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Electrical Vehicle Charging in the Workplace

We understand that converting to an electric fleet of company cars and installing EV charging units in the workplace is a big undertaking, but there are things in place to make it easier for you. Read on to see why your company should go electric and why it’s not as daunting as it may seem.

Good for your fleet

By switching to an electric fleet, you could start making sizeable savings for your company. By going electric you would be saving money in the maintenance because of fewer fluids and moving parts than conventional cars. You’d also be saving on the operating costs due to electricity being cheaper than gasoline and electric cars being more efficient. You could also be making huge savings in these areas:

  • Savings to Capital allowances
  • Exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), saving £140 per zero emissions car
  • Savings to fuel allowances

Good for your employees

Another reason to switch electric in the workplace is the benefits it has for your valuable employees. The newly introduced zero percent company car tax rate for EV’s is a considerable money saver. In 2020/21 company EV cars will pay no Benefit in Kind tax (BIK). This significant saving in BIK tax for employees is a great financial incentive to go electric. For more information on BIK see our blog.

Tailored solutions that work for your business structure and needs of your people

We understand that, whilst it saves you money in the long term, going electric and installing charging points can be a costly transition. There are, however, grants available to alleviate the initial financial costs; you could receive around £3,500 towards the purchase of a new EV car, or up to £8,000 for a new EV van for work purposes. 

When it comes to the charging points the government EV Workplace Charging Scheme Grants (WCS) can give £500 per EV charge point installed by an Olev accredited company like us for up to 20 charging points, or £10,000 towards your EV charge points. For more information on grants see here. 

Do your bit for the planet

It’s widely understood that electrical vehicles are better for the environment than conventional cars. They produce little to no local air pollution and widespread use has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They’re also more efficient and use less energy to run.

 We are an OLEV Accredited vehicle charging installation company and are qualified to supply and install government approved electric vehicle charging points at home and at workplaces. We will install your point help process any grant applications and even claim your grant money on your behalf.

 So, get the wheels in motion by giving us a call. We can answer any charger questions that you may have.

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